The Distillery.

do I need an architect for my home project

The Distillery is Tonic Architecture’s blog page.

Initially, it began life as an annual email newsletter rounding up the previous year’s events, developments and inspirations at Tonic.

That, however, ran into the virtual brick wall that was the General Data Protection regulation – and at a time when everyone was asking for permission to contact and compile mailing lists, we didn’t want to add to the virtual ‘noise’.

In then became a visual diary on our website – but Instagram has taken over from that (

Our intention, therefore, is that we will now use this space to post musings, ideas, information about past projects and the business of architecture.

We will try to offer advice to those who want to know more about the processes involved in what we do, and also give an insight into what makes us tick as individuals and as a practice.

We hope you enjoy it.