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Appraisal of brief and production of feasibility studies, through to detailed proposals.

At Tonic we deliver innovative design solutions that surprise and delight, while ensuring that we create responsible and practical buildings that are a constant source of pleasure for the occupants.

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At the heart of our design approach are the peculiarities of the location, the use of local materials, a celebration of craftsmanship and the generous use of natural light. Form, scale, details and materials are all carefully considered to complement, blend and age with their surroundings.

We don’t adhere to any school or style of architecture, instead allowing the setting, regional identity and most importantly the aspirations of the client to inform our approach. We have a contemporary outlook, but always strive to be respectful of the past – without resorting to pastiche.

Our design approach captures the essence of the property but goes beyond physical attributes – the harmony of materials, the sense of place, the manipulation of light and the ‘spiritual’ effect upon entering a space where the perfect symbiosis of these elements occurs. This is why we love doing what we do.